At The Art of Bookbinding Hugo and Henni van Willigen share a meticulous eye
for detail...

Book Restoration

There are many books needing different attention and using varied materials. Books such as a much loved children's book, your favourite novel, your grandmother's cook book and many, many more.


Restoration Family Bibles

More than any other book we restore Family Bibles. These treasured objects deserve a special place in book restoration and thus need a special approach.


Bespoke Boxes

There are many items one may wish to store safely. Think of books, papers, letters, comics, magazines and memorabilia. We can create beautiful boxes to suit all these purposes.


We are devoted to preserving books by applying traditional bookbinding methods learned at the Cistercian Monastery Sion in Diepenveen...

Special Commision Binding

The craft of bookbinding developed with the advent of printing in the 15th century when William Caxton and Guttenburg set up the first printing presses in Britain and Europe.

Master Binder at Work...

Although mechanisation has changed the way most books are bound today, bookbinding using traditional techniques has changed very little throughout history.