Q: Does restoration or rebinding affect the value of my book?
A: That depends, first on the quality of the work done by the bookbinder. Continuity of style and binding material is very important. Restoration, if done properly, always increases a book's worth from that of its pre-restored condition.
     We take great care to ensure that all restoration materials and practices are "period correct" and are carried out using archivally safe materials.

Q: Will the cost of repair or restoration be more than the present value of my book?
A: It is difficult to give an answer to this question. Books do not have an intrinsic value as gold, diamonds and the like. A book is worth what a buyer will pay and that can vary dramatically. There are also books that have only sentimental value. These are extremely valuable to their owners and are often passed on down the family generations. How can you put a value on a book your mother gave you? Or the only book your pioneering forefathers brought with them? These can never be replaced by a new one and are worth every penny you spend on them.

Q: Will my book look like new?
A: Only if you explicitly request us to do that for you. Our chief aim is always to retain the character of the book as much as is possible.

Q: Is my book beyond repairing?
A: You may be pleasantly surprised of what can be achieved. Many books look worse than they are and there are also many that are worse than they look! It's always best to let us assess the damage professionally. You may also send us photos of the damage via e-mail and we can do a first assessment from these picture.

Q: Can you use the original binding?
A: Yes, we can. That is our policy and that is what book restoration is. Sometimes, there is not enough of the original binding left. In that case, we do a partial restoration using all of the original material there is.

Q: Can I send my books to you, and is it safe?
A: A well wrapped book will almost always survive shipping. However, there are things that cannot be foreseen. Always make sure your is book is sent registered or track and trace. Make sure the book is insured. We will contact you immediately when we have received the book. However, if you have friends or relatives who can bring the book to us, please do so. It is by far the safest way.

Q: How do I know you will do a good job?
A: Click on the "Contact Us" button. We will help you in any way we can by e-mail or telephone. It may also be helpful to refer to our testimonial page. 

Q: How long will it take?
A: We are very busy and we stay that way. The usual time we have your book(s) is 10 to 12 weeks. All work is done as expeditiously as possible and in order of entry into our restoration schedule. Each client is furnished with a reference number.

Q: What is book restoration, what can be done with an old Family bible?
A: Please refer to our extenive explanation on the relevant pages.

Q: The estimate you gave me seems a little high?
A: A quality binding is expensive for good reason. First, good bookbinding leather is not readily available like shoe leather and because supply is limited, it commands a high price. The other materials involved are first quality and the work is done by hand. Fine binding is extremely labour intensive.


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