Bible Restoration

When you bring your Bible to the Art of Bookbinding, we will give you a thorough assessment of the present condition of the Bible. We will then explain the restoration work that needs to be done and the costing involved. We always use all of the original material as far as possible. When there is insufficient original materials that can be used, we skilfully recreate new material. Your Bible will always retain as much of the “old look ”as possible. This usually entails the process called re-backing or under-backing. This means we craft a new leather spine, re-attach the original boards and lay down the original spine.

This is a tried and trusted method of restoration and requires great skill. At no time do we “slap on a piece of leather” to put the Bible back together again! Often many Family Bibles are in need of re-sewing, pages are torn and/or dog-eared and interleaving crumpled or badly acidified. We carry out all these repairs using archival materials. When your Bible is swept out page by page removing the dust and grit accumulated over the years, we often come across ephemera which has been collected by previous owners of the Bible. This we remove and keep safe for you.

We use different leather dressings to refurbish and stabilise the leather on the outer cover of the Bible thus preventing it from further deterioration. If your locks or trim (if present) need cleaning, lengthening or shortening, we can also provide this service. When restoring your Bible, you can be sure that, we will treat it with the respect your Bible deserves.


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