Our priority is to preserve as much of the original binding as possible. All work should be in keeping with the style and the period in which it was produced. The aim of book restoration is to maintain the integrity of the book and preserving it for posterity.


More than any other book, we repair, rebind and restore antique Family Bibles. With my Monastic training and because we do so many our experience is unsurpassed.
Other services we offer in the field of restoration of Family Bibles is the replacement or repair of clasps, corners and trims.
Also available for protecting and enhancing your Family Bible we can make a very handsome display box.
Our quality, service and craftsmanship are unsurpassed.


We can provide a fine binding in cloth or genuine leather. We can use hand marbled papers on the covers or as endpapers in combination with fine cloth or leather. Our specialty is hand colouring leather. This ensures a wonderful patina . Thus in combination with the large variety of papers and cover materials to choose from will ensure that you will be more than pleased with the fine binding we produce for you.


General binding is more of the everyday type of bookbinding.  It includes rebinding of novels, genealogies, cookbooks, children’s books, etc.


We make a variety of boxes to hold books, papers and ephemera. Finished in a variety of materials such as leather, cloth or paper. The combinations are endless.


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